For most children, entry into the BlueTree Daycare/Preschool centre will be the first experience of being separated from their parents. Most children will experience some anxiety leaving their parents for the first time and it will be important that both parents and staff work together to build the special relationship necessary for successful transition and adjustment for all parties involved.


Even if a child has been in care before she/he will still need time to adjust to the new staff and environment.


The following outlines some helpful hints for parents on settling their child into care:


·         Ease your child into care with short stays to begin with.

·         Provide a favourite toy to support your child when they are separating from you or settling to sleep.

·         Interactions between staff and parents or staff and other children can produce positive role models and be reassuring. This experience can help to establish trust in an unfamiliar setting.

·         Try to talk at home about child care. Mention the names of the staff and other children. Talk about the things the child will be able to do at child care that are fun and enjoyable.

·         Talk to the staff about your child, for example, what they like to do, and successful ways of settling them to sleep. This helps staff to get to know your child.

·         When leaving your child it is best to make sure you say goodbye and then leave. Hesitating and not going after you have said your goodbyes, if a child is upset, only confuses them. Reassure your child that everything is alright and you will return later, this will help them settle.

·         Children soon learn that you do return and in the mean time they are well cared for.

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