BlueTree staff enjoy doing science experiments with the children, who really enjoy learning how things work.  Some things children learn through science experiments are the force of pressure, chemical reactions, hydration and mixtures (making play dough or mixing red and blue to make purple or mixing water and dirt to make mud).  They also learn about gravity, what goes up must come down and so much more, by just trying new things.   Here at BlueTree we encourage and promote trying new things, getting messy and being inventive. 




It is easy to introduce Math in our BlueTree program, because Math is in everything.  Children count when they sing and when they play, children sort their toys (T-Rex`s in one pile and triceratops in another).  Children use blocks, shapes and colors to make patterns during play, they learn about measurement when they notice who is taller or who is shorter, they learn about space recognition when dancing and in many other ways.  Children learn through play and we are there to guide them and introduce new concepts.





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