How to choose a daycare

Initial contact should be made by phone to find out some basic information about

the daycare such as:


·         location

·         services offered

·         ages of children

·         hours of operation

·         programs

·         extra-curricular activities

·         licenses held

·         qualified staff


Then tour the facility so that you can see firsthand and ask additional questions

about how the facility operates such as:


·         cleanliness of the facility

·         safety of the facility (fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, first aid kits, staff knows CPR)

·         area(s) where children will be are properly heated/cooled, spacious, well lit, brightly colored

·         outdoor play area is safe

·         age-appropriate toys and equipment are clean and in good shape

·         emergency procedures in place (emergency numbers clearly posted)

·         proper hygiene practiced

·         security policies (who can pick up your child)

·         children are actually being watched and played with

·         children appear happy and well cared for

·         regular rest/nap periods are offered in an appropriate area

·         varied activities

·         parental visits offered

·         offsite activities offered

·         reading time/area

·         policies/procedures

·         contract/agreements to sign


During your visit, you can also find out the necessary information about the staff:


·         experience/training/education/licenses

·         ratio of staff to child is sufficient

·         responsive to needs of children

·         open communication with parents offered

·         disciplinary policies

·         acceptance of different race/ethnic groups


When you have enough information ask yourself:


·         How comfortable do you feel leaving your children at the facility?

·         Did your child seem comfortable during your visit?

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